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The Everyday Safe

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Safe Hightlights:

  • Model: EDS 1.0
  • Outside: 4.88" H x 21.85" W x 19.37" D
  • Weight: 102

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The Everyday Safe

The Everyday Safe is where convenience meets security in a sleek and discreet design. With lighting-fast access via fingerprint scanning or the user-friendly smartphone app, retrieving or depositing your valuables takes just seconds, ensuring you're always in control. Concealed within your furniture, it remains hidden from prying eyes, granting exclusive access only to authorized users. Plus, its Faraday functionality shields against modern threats like keyless car theft and contactless credit card fraud, providing comprehensive protection for your belongings. 

Built to the highest standards of security, The Everyday Safe is certified by the ECB-S approved Intiuto Giordano and features an ECB-S Class B and VDS class 2 certified electronic high-security locking unit. Its EN 14450 construction ensures unparalleled strength, while secure anchorage thwarts any attempts at removal. Built with precision in Germany, it features 4mm steel housing and reinforced maganese plates, safeguarding your valuables with durability.

Effortless to install and operate, The EveryDay Safe offers seamless integration into your space. With a dedicated mobile app enabling easy access and user management, setting up additional users and monitoring activity is a breeze. Its biometric fingerprint solution provides swift acecss in under four seconds, while retrofit capability ensures compatiblity with existing setups. Whether for your home or office, The Everyday Safe sets the standard for fast, discreet, and secure storage of your most prized possessions. If you have questions about htis safe, call us at 800-207-2259 today!


  • Fast Access - Open your drawer safe in a few seconds via the fingerprint scanner or smartphone app, allowing you to deposit or retreive your  valuables quickly and safely.
  • Concealed - Designed to be built into a range of furniture options, the Everyday Safe is hidden to everyone but you and selected users that you authorize.
  • Shielded - Faraday functionality that protects against keyless car theft (relay attacks) and contactless credit card fraud.
  • Installation Options - Providing flexiblity via two installation options - drawer in drawer and single drawer.
  • The Everyday Safe solution and accompanying BLUM runner system are able to be installed as either a drawer in drawer or single drawer. See installation guide for more details.

Security Features:

  • EN 14450 construction tested and certified by the ECB-S approved Intiuto Giordano.
  • ECB-S class B and VDS class 2 certified electronic high security locking unit.
  • Faraday functionality that provides keyless car theft and contactless credit card fraud.
  • Secure anchorage protecting against any removal attempts.

Technical Specifications:

  • App Connectivity and User Management - Yes and the application supports both Android and iOS.
  • Protection - Burglary protection - built to a certified EN 14450 construction - S1 Level, Faraday.
  • Country of Origin - Made in Germany.
  • Installation - Easy mounting into 23.62" cabinets
  • Operation - Simple, fast, yet safe access by means of fingerprint sensor.
  • Color - RAL 9010 pure white.
  • Standard inlay - Synthetic rubber mat.
  • Optional Accessories - Premium Grey felt mat.
  • Case Material - 4mm housing with 5mm steel front.

Design & Construction:

  • Conceptualized in Sweden, designed and manufacturerd in Germany.
  • 4mm steel housing and 5mm steel front and reinforced manganese plates.
  • Stainless steel and precision manufacturered locking bolts.
  • Blum Movento runner system including soft-close function using Blummotion.
  • Standard color RAL 9010 pure white with a smooth finish.

Installation & Operation:

  • A dedicated mobile app that enables users to open and close their safe, add further users and monitor activity.
  • A Biometric fingerprint solution positioned under the safe provides fast access in under 4 seconds.
  • Simple Installation process requiring an installer less than 30 minutes to secure to the kitchen cabinet.
  • Retrofit capability.


  • The minimum inner cabinet dimensions required to install the Everyday Safe are: 5.28" H x 22.09" W x 19.69" D
  • Safe Dimensions: 4.88" H x 21.85" W x 19.37" D
  • Weight: 102 Pounds

How To Install The Everyday Safe:

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