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    High Security Burglar Fire Safes

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    A high security safe is the ultimate in protection--an incredibly burglar-resistant unit designed to protect content valued between $30,000 and $1,500,000. Capable of withstanding concentrated attacks from expert safe crackers, such safes also provide protection from fire. If you need the latest possible protection for your valuables against rising incidents of fire and theft, these safes are for you.

    High Security Ratings
    A safe's security rating is its most important feature. The high security safes we offer all have UL ratings of TL-15, TL-30, TL30X6, and TRTL30X6. To earn any of these ratings, a safe must endure severe attacks by expert UL technicians wielding powerful and specialized safe-cracking tools, including sledgehammers, power saws, drills and carbide disc cutters.

    TL stands for "Tool Latency" and represents the amount of time it takes to open the safe with these tools. Tool latency counts the total contact time tools have with the safe, not the total time required to break into the safe, which can take hours for even the most experienced safe-cracker. The UL ratings for our highest security safes include:

    • TL-15: net tool contact time of 15 minutes.
    • TL-30: net tool contact time of 30 minutes.
    • TL30X6: net tool contact time of 30 minutes on each side of the safe.
    • TRTL30X6: net tool contact time and torch resistance on all six sides of the safe.

    To gain access to a high security safe, a criminal needs to be an expert who knows exactly where to attack the safe with highly specialized tools, and be willing to spend hours assailing the safe's defenses. As an additional defense, some safes include relockers, which actively seal the bolts into the door frame if the safe is attacked.

    Fire Resistance
    In addition to excellent burglar protection, the high security safes we offer come with factory or UL fire tests certifications, and provide between one and two hours of protection while maintaining less than 350 Fahrenheit inside.

    Please watch our informative videos from Dye the Safe Guy, who explains the important of considering UL ratings when buying a safe. Call one of our expert staff at 1-800-207-2259.