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Dorm-Certified & Laptop Safes are designed to offer secure protection for laptop computers, tablets such as IPad's along with other valuable possessions. Laptop security is becoming more important as laptops and tablets grow in popularity. The compact size of our safe allows for easy installation on the wall or floor in your home, dorm room, office, or even in your vehicle. Make sure you know the exact measurements of your laptop before purchasing.

Much like hotel safes our selection of laptop safes are great at offering an affordable protection for your computer. These safes are great for college students. They have all of the same security features as a hotel safe and are light weight and easy to conceal in a closet or under a bed. Because of the thin metal construction mounting the safe where a thief cannot pry it open or bend it open would be best. It is a common fact that these simply serve as a deterrent method and are also meant to keep unauthorized access to your computer. It is not recommended that cash or high valuable items be stored in these safes.

It is an unfortunate fact that college dorm room theft happens frequently. In most cases, the theft is perpetrated by someone that the victim knows. This is because they know where valuable items are located in a dorm room and can easily get in and out quickly without anyone noticing. Sometimes the theft isn’t noticed until well after it has taken place. Most college dorm complexes do not offer safety deposit boxes like banks and hotels do and if they do they usually are too small to fit a laptop in. Some offer “laptop Locks” which are usually a metal wire attached to a combination lock. You put the wire around a hole specially attached to your laptop and assume it is secure. Common wire clippers will cut right through the wires though. They only serve as an illusion of secure storage. For the best results, purchase a laptop safe and mount it to a solid structure in a spot only you know about.