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Safe Alarm

3 Products

In today's world, extra security is essential. Having high-quality deadbolts on your doors, an alarm system for your home, and a secure safe are crucial measures to protect you, your family, and your belongings.

But why stop there? Consider adding an alarm system to your safe. If someone breaks into your home without an alarm system, they can take their time trying to access your safe without fear of being caught. Our safe alarm options ensure that you are immediately alerted if someone is tampering with your safe, providing additional security and peace of mind. Here are some of the options available for safe alarms. 

Simtek StealthAlert:

Uses 4G cellular connectivity, ensuring functionality even during power or internet outages. It is equipped with infrared motion, light, and accelerometer sensors, providing alerts to your phone quickly. Cellular service requires a small subscription fee, but you get almost 100% connectivity. It is designed with a rugged ABS plastic body, offering a battery life of up to a year with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Lockdown Puck:

The Puck uses WIFI connectivity to provide alerts for your safe's motion, temperature, humidity, and door openings. It runs on AA batteries or can be powered continuously via USB if you have a USB outlet in your safe. The FREE Lockdown Logic App allows for customizable settings.

GunAlert Gun Safety Tracking Device:

This device can be used in your safe or attached to your handgun. It uses Cellular (GPS) and gives real-time GPS location updates every five minutes, which is crucial for tracking a stolen firearm until recovery. It combines motion detection with GPS technology, ensuring you are notified immediately if your firearm or safe is moved.