Security safes and personal safes are perfect for use in dormitories, executive offices home security of prescription drugs or jewelry. These safes are lightweight and are meant to be bolted onto a larger structure for more secure storage. They are perfect for the college student looking for a secure place to store his laptop when they are not using it, or for the everyday rings and necklaces for women looking to store jewelry that is not worth more than $2500. Whatever your needs, we offer a wide variety to fit your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a place that will offer a quick solution to your peace of mind then a security safe will fulfill that need. Our wide selection of key safes, small security safes, and document safes are sure to fit your unique storage needs.

Keep in mind these safes offer the same amount of protection as a hotel safe so you might not want to keep high value items in them. These safes mainly keep honest people honest. It is a common fact that someone looking for a quick theft will see one of these safes and take them rather than spend the time breaking it open. It is highly recommended that you mount these safes in a secure spot so the entire safe cannot be stolen. Doing this limits the opportunities to access the safe or steal the safe. If you have any questions please call us we have trained professionals here to help you find the perfect security safe.