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DIY Home Security System

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Upgrade Your Security with the iGoTracker Home Security System

The iGoTracker is a Universal Monitoring System (UMS) is the perfect DIY solution for condos, apartments and even your home. It can also keep track of other essential items with your smartphone. This system will send you an alert with a GPS location for your monitored items, so you know exactly where it is. GPS location and alert events are also e-mailed to you for references and history. Use the iGoTracker as an inexpensive gun safe alarm system.

Compare to the Liberty SafElert

This DIY Home Security System can:

  • Monitor Doors, Windows and Your Car.
  • Track Keys, Phone, Wallet, Guns & Luggage.
  • Use as an alarm system for your safe.
  • Comes with free monitoring with Smartphone App.

Free Monitoring and Free Smartphone App

Monitor and find any items including doors & windows by simply sticking the iGoTracker on. Monitor parked car in your driveway or parking lot for monitoring unauthorized access. Track keys, phones, wallet and luggage at the same time.

Extra Protection for Your Safes - Alerts You If Opened

The UMS Shield alerts you if opened or moved. You can attach it to doors, windows, jewelry, safes, and more. Extra protection for your guns: attach to guns and you will be alerted on your phone if moved, which reduces the risk of child accidents.

More Affordable Than Other DIY Home Security Systems

Other systems cost you over $400 every year with monthly fees! People with camera systems still get robbed every day. Hackers can tamper with the camera security systems. UMS Shield is not hackable, unlike wireless camera systems.

Coming Soon: New Upgrade UL Certified Monitoring Center Dispatch of Fire/Police Department (Monitoring Center in Washington)

New upgrade UL Certified Monitoring Center dispatch of fire/police department (monitoring center in Washington) is coming soon. Traditional alarms takes more than 15 minutes for the police to arrive. UMS Shield can get the help you need in seconds.

Why UMS Shield?

Why UMS Shield?

What is Universal Monitoring System (UMS)?

UMS Homeshield Setup:

UMS Shield Gateway Setup:

UMS Shield iGoTracker Sensor Installation: