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Pacific Safe Manufacturing

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Pacific Safe Manufacturing's story is rooted in a passion for safeguarding your most valuable assets. Founded by industry veterans, Pacific Safe was born out of a shared vision to provide customers with the perfect belief of commercial-grade safes, competitive pricing, and unrivaled technical support. The founders saw a need for a safe manufacturer that was not only focused on quality and security but also on ensuring that the cost of service never becomes a barrier to your peace of mind.

The Pacific Safe Difference:

Company Philosophy:

Pacific Safe Manufacturing is committed to helping customers save their hard-earned money and their peace of mind. They believe in delivering high-quality safes, unmatched service, and affordability, creating a win-win situation for Pacific Safe and our valued customers.

Pacific Safe Offerings:

  • High Security TL-30 Safes -For those who demand the utmost protection for their home or business, these Pacific Safe High-Security TL-30 Safes are a testament to their dedication. Designed to withstand the most determined threats, these safes offer unmatched security and peace of mind, all while being made in the USA and offering quick shipping. 
  • Under Counter Safes - These Under Counter Safes are the perfect fit for businesses looking to secure their cash discreetly. These compact yet robust safes are designed to blend seamlessly into your business environment while offering a secure storage solution.
  • Depository Safes - These safes are the choice for businesses requiring frequent deposits without compromising security. Pacific Safe offers a range of single and double-door depository safes in various sizes designed to meet your specific deposit needs. 
  • Inventory Control Safes - These safes are the ideal solution for businesses looking to maintain precise control over their expensive inventory. Protect your assets, control access, and ensure the integrity of your inventory with these specialized safes. 
  • Pharmacy Safes - Pharmaceutical businesses rely on the security and integrity of their inventory. These safes are designed to protect sensitive medications and patient data. 

Quality You Can Trust: 

Pacific Safe Manufacturing understands that safes are only as strong as their weakest link. They have carefully selected and sourced the best brand-name commercial safe locks available. Their safes are built to withstand the rigors of daily commercial use, where reliability is paramount. They have invested in time-proven designs to ensure these safes stand the test of time.

Every Pacific Safe comes standard with a 1-year warranty backed by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedication to you extends beyond the initial purchase, ensuring that you receive the support and assistance you need whenever you need it.

When you choose a Pacific Safe, you're choosing a legacy of trust, quality, and unparalleled security. Join us in helping secure your assets and protecting your peace of mind.