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Headrest Safe

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The Headrest Safe product is a unique way to keep your valuables, handgun, and other misc items secure in your vehicle. Other products do this, but there is nothing like having them hidden inside your headrest where a potential thief would not suspect anything would be inside.

The Headrest Safe Company built this product with a universal design to fit all vehicles. Plus, it has three options for opening, including your fingerprint, a 4-8 digit code, or an override key in case you forget your combination or the battery dies.  

A common question that is asked often is; Is the Headrest Safe secure? Yes, because it locks into place with a toggle bolt that deploys when inserted into the seat. This keeps it from being easily removed from your seat. 

There is also a matching companion headrest for the driver's side so that the material of both headrests matches perfectly. Purchase both to have the perfect security option for your vehicle. 

The Headrest Safe Company is headquartered in Homewood, Alabama. Each Headrest Safe and Companion Headrest are built in Mexico. They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product, they will offer a full refund once it is returned. The product itself does have a 1-year warranty.